Coffee Coupons and More Savings Tips

coffee coupons

Five Simple Ways to Save Money Each Month 

Whether you are saving to buy a house or you simply want to control your monthly spending, there are many ways you can reduce your expenses and put a little extra in your savings account each month. Use the following ideas to help plan out your spending and savings. 

Use Coupon Codes For Your Coffee:

Whether you buy online or in-store, coupons are a great way to save money without costing anything. You can use a coupon code that you find online or ones that you print out and take to the store.

Spend With Cash

Using your debit card to make everyday purchases can sometimes lead to overspending. You may find an impulse item at a local store and decide to go ahead and splurge because you have enough money in the bank. Keeping cash in your wallet for use on regular purchases can help to discourage overspending. You’re limited to what’s in your wallet, which can help to reduce the amount you spend every day. Come up with a set limit of cash you can spend every week, and limit yourself to only using that money for things like a cup of coffee or lunch at a local restaurant.

Open A Secret Savings Account

Having a savings account attached to your checking account comes in handy for quick access to emergency funds, particularly if your account becomes overdrawn. However, this can also make it easier to transfer money for spontaneous spending. Consider opening an online savings account that doesn’t offer automatic transfers, and stash away a few dollars on payday and whenever you come into a bit of extra money. These small deposits can add up over time, and the longer transfer wait times can discourage you from withdrawing money unless you really need it. 

Use Your Credit Cards

While you don’t want to dig yourself deeper into debt, you can use your credit cards strategically every month. Use the cards that give you cash back on purchases, and put the money you get back into your savings account. Be sure to only spend what you can pay off every month, as this will prevent you from paying interest on your purchases. If you don’t already have a card that offers cash back, look into one that does. You may also want to see if your bank offers a rewards program for your debit card, as this can help you to save even more money.

Get Paid To Shop

getting paid to shop

Rebate websites offer a host of ways to get money back on your everyday purchases. These sites work by routing you to retailer websites through unique links. The links track your spending, and you are then awarded a percentage of your purchases back as a rebate. Look for a rebate site that partners with stores you normally order from and look for ways to stack your cash back by using your debit or credit card rewards programs when you shop. Add the money you get back to your savings account or use it for your monthly expenses. 

Cut The Cord

Cable television is no longer the only way to get premium content, and cutting the cable cord can provide you with significant savings. Look into streaming video services, and choose the option that offers the programming you want. Streaming services can include some of the same channels you watch with your regular cable service, but at a fraction of the cost. Remember that you may need high-speed internet to stream content, so plan for this expense as you weigh the costs of streaming services.

Look for other ways to save money each month, such as clipping coupons or opening a savings account with a higher interest rate. With small changes in habits and a new look at the way you spend, you can quickly begin to build your savings.